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How We Came To Be

We met more than ten years ago and have been married for seven.

I read somewhere recently that a successful marriage depends on two things:
1. Finding the right person
2. Being the right person.

For Rich and I, it also included being at the right place, at the right time.

Soon you will be able to watch our story and learn more about us and how we met.

Why the Fun Addicts?

About two months before our seventh wedding anniversary, Rich and I talked about the last few years of our life. Loss of our close loved ones and other personal challenges had dominated our life and left us with less to enjoy or celebrate. We agreed we needed to bring more fun back into our lives.

I suggested we spend the summer attending festivals on a regular basis. Rich said that, since we'll be meeting a lot of interesting people, let's bring a video camera and share our recordings on the Internet. I agreed, but added that we'd have to give a name to our new venture. FunAddicts.TV became the name and we became the new Fun Addicts.

So there you have it! Since we first conceived the idea for FunAddicts.TV fun and spending time together has become a priority. We hope it will inspire you to increase the fun in your life.

About Us

We are both educators in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Currently, I’m a resource specialist at an elementary school. I teach students who have learning differences and support other educators in fulfilling the unique needs of the students we serve.

Rich spends most of his time developing content and teaching radio, television, and web-design classes to inner-city high school students.

Outside our classrooms we are involved in issues related to the field of education. In our spare time we like being with our family and friends and taking our dog for walks. During the summer our careers afford us the opportunity to further explore our interests and other special projects.

Updated July 16, 2007