About Us

Joni and RichWhen we recorded our first season of shows in 2007, we were both full-time educators in the San Francisco Bay Area. During the summer our teaching careers provided the time to explore our interests and special projects, including the Fun Addicts TV Show.

In our spare time we like being with our family and friends and taking our dog for walks.

Joni is still a resource specialist at an elementary school. She teaches students who have learning differences and supports other educators in fulfilling the unique needs of the students they serve. Outside her classroom, Joni is involved in issues related to the field of education.

Starting in 2003, Rich spent most of his time developing content and teaching radio, television, film making and multimedia classes to high school students. He retired from full-time teaching in 2021.

Prior to high school teaching, Rich taught college courses part-time, and had a career that included video production, website creation and graphic design. He retired from full time teaching in 2021 and now spends time catching up on past projects. One of those projects is The Fun Addicts TV Show.  While all footage for the first season was recorded in 2007, only three episodes were edited by the start of 2008. Rich now has the time to finish editing the rest of the episodes.


Why the Fun Addicts?

How We Came to Be