Bay Street Arts & Music Festival

Play button showing people on Bay Street

The Fifth Annual Bay Street Arts & Music Festival, held 2007 in Emeryville, California featured music and dance performances plus local artists and craftspeople. In this episode you’ll meet two bands with different musical styles, discover what it takes to belly dance, find out about insects that don’t bug people, and meet a musician who makes his own instruments.

Please note: Since this episode was produced some of the links mentioned have stopped working. Here is a list of working links: San Francisco Bay Area musicians Native American musician Carnival of Stars Belly Dance Comics Portuguese Fado music Bay Street Emeryville urban village

If you do not have time to watch the entire episode in one sitting, here are links to individual chapters:

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(Footage for this episode was recorded July 14, 2007. The program was edited then uploaded to on July 30, 2007.)